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1. Dog Fleas Best of The Best. Frontline Spot On for Medium Dogs, the best flea treatment on the market. £20.99
2. Dap for Dogs. Adaptil (DAP) Pheromone Diffuser - a new product ment to calm and reassure your dog. £17.99 Read Review and Order.
3. Image of Frontile Top 10. Frontline for Small Dogs the best flea treatment on the market. £22.28
4. Picture of Worming. Drontal Worming for Dogs. £11.67 Read Review and Order.
5. Image of Spot on Top. Frontline for Large Dogs, the best flea treatment on the market. £35.92

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Dog Fleas - Best Flea Treatments For Dogs

When it comes to dog fleas there’s a well known phrase that stands out above all others; prevention is better than the cure. Whenever your dog leaves the house there’s a possibility of them catching fleas. A flea could jump to your dog within seconds of walking out the door. Within a day that flea could have laid eggs on your dog which could now have dropped of all over your house. One flea can lay 50 eggs a day so its easy to see how an infestation can get out of hand extremely quickly.

So we know that prevention is better than the cure but what are the best preventative products on the market? There are hundreds of flea treatments for dogs, but are they really any different? If price is an indicator of quality one would certainly draw the conclusion that some flea treatments are better than others, but is that really the case? At we are dedicated to test and review flea treatments for dogs available on the UK market.

Click one of the links to the left to start reading about dog fleas and how you can avoid your dog getting a flea infestation and read the customer reviews of different products. If you are short of time and just want the best flea treatment for dogs regardless of price then just click here.

Image with Frontline for Dogs. 

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