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Common Dog Parasites and Treatment

There are various dog parasites which carry with them plenty of disease causing organisms. These are also known to affect puppies as well. As a pet owner it is more than necessary to make sure you perform all your responsibilities by making sure you pet dog or puppy is well feed, clean and healthy. It is also important to keep a close eye on your dog for any signs of dog parasites symptoms or puppy parasites. In the case any of these is present; take immediate action in treatment and further prevention.

Protecting your dog against parasite infestation will not only be beneficial to your dog but also to you due to the fact that some of these parasites such as fleas are also known to cause havoc human beings as well. Other than the already mentioned parasite there are various other types of dog parasites. One good example is the roundworms. As previously stated some of these dog parasites are also known to affect humans. When it comes to roundworms, children are highly vulnerable to it and they are known to highly damage internal organs as well as the nervous system. One way of keeping your kids safe is by them washing their hands immediately they after playing with their puppy. This just goes to show how the effects of parasites on your pets can easily trickle down to you also. It is therefore important to ensure enough protection against these parasites is offered.

The different types of dog parasites can be divided into two; this can either be internal or external. To being with external parasites are those which are mostly found on the external part of your dog being the hair as well as the skin. When it comes to external parasites the most common ones found in dogs are:


Image of Flea Dog Parasite.This is amongst one of the most common dog parasites. Fleas are also known to carry and pass to their host deadly causing organisms such as bubonic plaque. There are certain symptoms which will directly inform on whether or not your dog is infested by fleas.

Whenever fleas attach themselves to their host in this case a dog or puppy they begin to bite and feed on the host’s blood through which they are able to survive. Whenever this happens the dog will then begin to scratch continuously and even develop allergic reactions which then lead to the development of skin conditions.

Image of Tick Dog Parasite.Ticks:

Ticks are parasites which are just as common as fleas, but when it comes to the level of havoc they can cause to your pets health is quite high especially in relation to their health.

Dog ticks are therefore more dangerous. They also depend on the blood of their host for their survival.

Image of Mite Dog Parasite.Mites:

These are considered to be uncommon when compared to the previously mentioned parasites. They normally live in any part of a host’s body and are known to cause skin irritation and sores.

When it comes to internal parasites as the name suggest they live within a host’s body. One good example of such is the tape worm.

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