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Fleas on Humans

There are various signs that will present themselves that show a person has been infested by fleas. The most common sign will be the visible flea bites. These bites are usually bright red in color. They are often quite small but very itchy. In most cases they are usually found on certain parts of the body which include around the ankles or lower arms. Although fleas are very tiny, their bites are quite painful and can often develop into skin infections and rashes.

Image of Fleas on Humans.

Fleas are pests which are normally found on pets such as dogs and they normally infest pet dogs kept under unhygienic conditions. It is therefore quite necessary to ensure that your pet dog is cleaned on a daily basis and its environment is also hygienically maintained. There are high chances regardless of how clean you keep your pet dog it may still get fleas especially when it mingles with other dogs when you take it for a walk in the park. It is therefore necessary for you and your family to know how to treat and avoid flea bites.

As earlier stated fleas on humans cause fleas bites which are quite painful and itchy. Immediately you notice any signs of flea bites there are certain things you need to follow in order to treat this condition. To begin with it is important to know which type of flea bite you are dealing with. The reason for this is because there are up to three different types of fleas which bite humans. These would include canine, feline and human fleas.

All these fleas bite humans and their bites present themselves in a similar fashion. You will see tiny red bumps which can also present itself as an itchy rash within a certain area. When treating flea bites caused by either of these fleas you will follow the same cause of treatment for all of them.

The best treatment of flea bites remains to be prevention.

You have to find different ways that will prevent fleas from infesting your home and biting you and your family. The treatment of a flea bite begins with properly cleaning of the affected area using an antiseptic soap. Flea saliva is known to contain a good amount of anti- coagulation substance. This is the main reason why flea bites are normally bloody and readily become infected.

After properly washing the bite you can then place some ice packs over the bite or apply some readily available over the lotions such as hydro- cortisone or calamine. These lotions come in quite handy since they help in soothing of the affected area which tends to become quite itchy and painful. You can also make use of some of the over the counter anesthetic creams or skin sprays for a similar soothing effect.

In order to ensure that the flea bite heals in the best way possible and in a faster pace, there are certain actions you have to avoid. The most important thing is to ensure that you do not scratch the bitten area at all costs. This is because scratching will cause more damage which may lead to infections.

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